UK Film Critic Barry Norman Critical of TV Gambling Ads

UK Film Critic Barry Norman Critical of TV Gambling Ads

British film critic Barry Norman is now critical of gambling TV spots. (Image supply: Stuart Clarke/Rex Features)

Noted film critic Barry Norman has spent many a year breaking down Hollywood blockbusters, casting their eye that is critical on aspects, good or bad, of cinematic releases. But now the critic is casting his frequently scathing opinions towards tv advertisements, especially those promoting gambling and lawsuits.

Glamorizing Gambling

‘Maybe many distressing of each one is the gambling commercials, which make betting look glamorous and surely appeal most strongly to the poorest and most desperate in our midst,’ stated Norman in an interview that is recent The circumstances in Britain.

‘There’s one when a good-looking young few are so desperate to watch the telly and see how to lose all their cash that they vault over the back of their settee, the more quickly to examine the many ways in which they could gamble their life savings away,’ he added, with the cynical tone you might expect from the movie critic.

Norman even indicts the BBC in the mix, stating that they air the results of the National Lottery draw during top times ‘just to remind you that the following is just one more, fundamentally more respectable, way to get rid of your money.’

Show Me Personally the Money (and additionally they Did)

Norman, now a seen-a-lotta-life 80, was the face area of the BBC’s film review series ‘Film’ for over two decades an Continue reading “UK Film Critic Barry Norman Critical of TV Gambling Ads”

Delta Corporation to start First World-Class Casino Resort in India

Delta Corporation to start First World-Class Casino Resort in India

Goa’s floating gambling enterprises in India are soon to have some new competition with a nearby land casino

The initial Indian as in India world-class resort that is integrated set to open in 2014, a remarkable move in a country that officially does not allow gambling by legislation in nearly all of its states. The gambling task is going up just from the continuing state of Goa, in Daman, which is close to Mumbai, which had been formerly known as Bombay. Goa and Sikkim are truly the only two states in India that legally allow casinos; presently there are 12 in Goa, five of which are floating gambling enterprises on the Mandovi River, using the other seven being land-based.

Delta Adds to Its Empire

Delta Corporation already is business in the region with three offshore drifting casinos in the same region is behind the operation, which will encompass a somewhat modest 60,000-square-foot casino and a 187-room hotel on just 10 acres of land. It is thought that nearby city Gujarat will be a major supply of business for the new home.

Delta’s chairman, Jaydev Modi, explained to reporters that the marketing focus will be towards nearby Sikkim, which includes only one casino of its own, and neighboring nations Nepal and Sri Lanka the latter a country which is itself in much debate over a new casino that is major set to come in from Australian billionaire casino magnate James Packer.

But look out, Packer; Continue reading “Delta Corporation to start First World-Class Casino Resort in India”