Engaged and getting married? We Tell You ABout Chinese Wedding Traditions

Engaged and getting married? We Tell You ABout Chinese Wedding Traditions

If you’re of Chinese lineage or simply seeking to incorporate wedding that is chinese into the ceremony, we’ve divided a couple of different traditions it is possible to think of integrating on your own special day.

Traditional Chinese Wedding Traditions

The groom’s family will present different gifts to announce the engagement, which is usually food and cakes during a formal Chinese wedding proposal. Both families send “Double Happiness Cakes” to their loved ones and buddies, along side invitations. The bride’s family members supplies a dowry list, while the groom’s family members carries out a “setting bridal bed” ritual.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

Both families perform the hairdressing and rituals that are capping the groom and bride, just like other countries. The groom then would go to the bride’s house and it is obstructed by the bridesmaids. Both families are formally introduced through the Tea Ceremony and together they drink Tsao Chun, a tea that is chinese. Following the Tsao Chun tea happens to be finished, the few would get lai see, a happy envelope that is red written by the household that is full of cash and quite often jewelry. A feast is offered during the end associated with the marriage ceremonies.

When it comes to groom, it’s Chinese tradition for him to enhance the vehicle. Then he sees their bride and together they go to a reception. The couple will exchange rings, share a drink of Tsao Chun tea while crossing arms, which is part of Chinese traditional rituals during the Chinese ceremony. The household would be the only guests invited for this ceremony, but when the banquet begins the others ukrainian women for dating will join. Continue reading “Engaged and getting married? We Tell You ABout Chinese Wedding Traditions”