Adelson Recruits State AGs with Letter for the statutory law to Congress

Adelson Recruits State AGs with Letter for the statutory law to Congress

Vehement anti-online gambling proponent Sheldon Adelson is gathering state AG signatures towards Congressional action (Image: Bloomberg)

Sheldon Adelson has plenty of money to wage a campaign that is one-man the spread of on the web gambling in the us if he wants to. But that money also makes the Las Vegas Sands CEO a man of great influence, this means Adelson can find himself in sometimes the company of powerful friends.

Gathering John Hancocks

That generally seems to be the case this week, as at the very least 10 state attorneys basic have signed onto a page from Adelson asking users of Congress to take making online that is sure gambling unambiguously illegal in the united states of america. And that letter has now gone on to leaders that are congressional as well as both the House and Senate Judiciary committees.

The letter is one of the first major salvos in Adelson’s lobbying effort, which seeks to explain law that is federal once again stop states from regulating online gambling on their very own.

‘Online gambling exacerbates problems connected with gambling addiction and we’re proud to be working together with a true range other states to address the issue,’ read Sheldon Adelson’s official letter.

The most AGs that are prominent the letter include Missouri’s Chris Koster, Nebraska’s Jon Bruning and South Carolina’s Alan Wilson. The letter was presented to the Republican Attorneys General Associat Continue reading “Adelson Recruits State AGs with Letter for the statutory law to Congress”

Vatican Monsignor Arrested Second Time for Illicit Financial Dealings

Vatican Monsignor Arrested Second Time for Illicit Financial Dealings

Monsignor Nunzio Scarano has some ‘splainin’ to do after a second arrest involving Vatican funds (Image: AP)

Once you think you’ve heard the craziest embezzlement story in the reputation for guy, along comes another one to show you dead wrong. Such is the scenario of the Vatican monsignor already awaiting trial on costs of plotting to smuggle 20 million euros ($30.8 million) into Italy out of Switzerland, mind you whom has been charged separately for allegedly making use of his access to Vatican bank accounts to launder money.

Millions of Euros Moved Around

Referred to as ‘Monsignor 500’ because that is reportedly his favorite money denomination, Monsignor Nunzio Scarano was arrested by economic authorities in Salerno into the south of Italy, after police say he used fictitious donations from overseas businesses to maneuver millions of euros through his Vatican Institute for Religious Functions accounts.

When police caught up with Salerno week that is last they were in a position to confiscate 6.5 million euros well worth of bank accounts and real estate holdings, including a luxury condo occupied by Salerno himself that was decked out with high priced artwork and antiques.

Along with Salerno, a local priest was placed under house arrest while a notary public received a suspension for their alleged functions in the money-laundering scheme. But apparently the tentacles were far-reaching on this episode; au Continue reading “Vatican Monsignor Arrested Second Time for Illicit Financial Dealings”