The Valet, aka The Adventures of Will Ferrell and the Scandinavian

The Valet, aka The Adventures of Will Ferrell and the Scandinavian

Book 1 of Hollywood movie/TV series variation

by Bryan Fletcher

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CHAPTER 1, Part 1 “Have a good time.” In Manhattan, ny, Monday, 9:28 a.m., in their ever so cramped bed space under a stairwell, an average guy named Will Ferrell startles to a sitting position, and bumps his temple. *** Then, perhaps not saying similar word that is foul for three right moments, just as if a real cuss master, he curses terms wholly unfit for print, and curses far above everyday foul lips themes; as a cuss virtuoso, yet high cultural design, inside a lowbrow art, a sweet technology of exceptional foul-speak designed to surprise and provoke the sensory faculties. *** And yet, if done in a certain method, it reveals a well-seasoned brain; particular refined judgment, sentiment and style, even scholarship—as odd as that sounds—and having a well-crafted mastery of aesthetics, of nature, art, beauty, flavor, and particularly the sublime. *** Will Ferrell, yet their name that is real is Ferrell? No, no, no. David! Could be the name that is only their birth certification, one name, as some people just get one name. *** he then rubs their temple, reels, and looks about that cramped apartment: if a person might call it a studio apartment, since it resembles life under a cramped stairwell, and next to the bed is really a small faded photograph of an old, dark-blue action van, a multipurpose motor vehicle that is enclosed. *** he then says remainder, “Yes, and relax. “Yes. “Breathe. “Yes. “Really inhale, and lay right back. “Yes. “Relax, really flake out.”

In Manhattan, Ny, Monday, 9:28 a.m. … … a Norwegian Nobel Committee user, brand new Swedish Academy committee assistant, and permanent experienced adviser, “the specialist” of intangible cultural heritage investigates a well-known Scandinavian metaphysical poet called Erika Segersall Unr?d, also called persona no grata. Continue reading “The Valet, aka The Adventures of Will Ferrell and the Scandinavian”